Why book Direct ?

Booking direct, booking without an intermediary - these hotel terms probably don't mean much to you.

And yet, it's now important to know how booking sites work and why booking a hotel direct is better for you. We're going to try and put these words into layman's terms and explain the advantages of making such a booking. Let's get started!

What is a direct hotel reservation?
Booking websites
It is often difficult for travellers to know whether they are booking directly with the hotel or not. There are many reservation centres with thousands of hotel offers. Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia... All these booking sites offer you the chance to choose a hotel based on location or some other filter. It's important to remember that these sites charge the hotel a commission of between 10 and 22% for each reservation made.

Many hoteliers will therefore deduct this commission from their direct rates.

Make sure you compare the rates on the hotel's website with those displayed on these booking sites. You'll find that the cheapest rate is usually charged directly by the hotel.

Price comparison and review sites
Like many internet users, you are looking for an establishment with good ratings, good reviews or an attractive price. This leads you straight to price comparison websites or review sites such as Hotelscombined or Trip Advisor. Bear in mind that price comparison sites only compare the booking sites mentioned above. Very few hotels can afford to appear on them.
This means that the comparison sites do not compare with the hotel's official website, and you are missing out on an opportunity.
As far as review sites are concerned, they also link to these booking sites. It is extremely costly for a hotel to display even just a link to its website.

The hotel's official website
The official site, updated daily, gives you the best possible rate on the Internet as there is no commission charged.

You will also find exclusive offers that are not available on reservation sites. Many hotel websites even display price comparison services on their official site to show that rates are lower online.
To sum up, here's why you should book a hotel direct.
If you follow the reasoning above, you'll understand that booking directly with the hotel gives you the best available rate, because you're simply booking without an intermediary.
For every commission earned, we can invest in improving the quality of our services and renovating our hotel.

So go ahead and book directly with us!